Building a Decentralized, Open and Permissionless World

Research-driven blockchain company dedicated for incubation of decentralized applications.

Leveraging the blockchain technology

  • We look forward to disrupt the legacy system with web3.0 of Gaming, DeFi, Analytical tools and Consumer Economy.
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Imagine there’s no middlemen. Imagine there’s 100% transparency. Imagine there’s no manipulation. You may say we’re a dreamer.

Adding Spice to Web3 Revolution

Since April 2021, RedChillies Labs has been focused continuously on building projects, communities and engagement across multiple chains. We aim at replacing traditional web models with web3.



With the rise of play2earn model, the future of gaming is flourishing with blockchain. RedChillies Labs has already launched multiplayer games like Chess and Ludo on blockchain.


Decentralized Finance is the pillar of crypto ecosystem. We work on and support multiple DEXes for efficient transfer of currencies.
Creator Economy

Creator Economy

Being focused on blockchain, anonymity, privacy and no-middleman are prime concerns. RedChilies Labss protects consumer rights with proper dapps projects like CheckerChain.


The future is all about digital ownership. And Metaverse/NFTs are the right tools to achieve such future. RedChillies Labs supports metaverse and NFTs projects

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